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Wishes and Regrets – Meaning into Words | Grade XII

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Wishes and Regrets – Meaning Into Words
For: Class 12 | Solution of Work Book
Unit 10: Wishes

1. Write a wish for each of the following situations:

a. It is your birthday.

Ans: I wish my friends would come.

b. You’re tired.

Ans: If only I had time to sleep.

c. You’re stuck half way up a mounting in fog.

Ans: I wish I could return home.

2. Write a wish for each of the following situations:

Example: To someone who never answers the phone.

I wish you’d answer the phone.

a. To some who makes rue remarks about you.

Ans: I wish you wouldn’t talk nothing rude about me.

b. To someone who won’t hurry up.

Ans: I wish you’d hurry up.

c. To someone who blows cigarette smoke in your face.

Ans: If only you left smoking.

d. To someone who always leaves the door open.

Ans: I wish you would close the door.

e. To someone who won’t tell you what he is thinking.

Ans: If only could know what you think.

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3. Express wish for the following remarks using ‘I wish’ with the past tense as in the example:

Example: It’s raining

I wish I had an umbrella.

a. You’re lonely.

Ans: I wish my friend would come.

b. You are ill in bed.

Ans: I wish someone would bring me medicine.

c. Your bike has stopped working.

Ans: I wish there was workshop nearby.

d. You’re short of money.

Ans: I wish I got a bank loan a job.

e. You could not attend the classes.

Ans: I wish my friends would bring me the notes.

4. What might you regret in these situations,

us I wish …/ if only … S + had + v3 or I shouldn’t … have + v3.

Example: He regrets investing his savings in silver.

I wish I’ known more about the stock market. If I had known I would never have invested in silver.

a. You are suffering from sunstroke.

Ans: I wish hadn’t taken off the roof of the car. If hadn’t taken the roof of the car, I wouldn’t have suggered form sunstroke.

b. You feel seasick.

Ans: I wish I’d made my house far from the sea. If I’d made house far from the sea, I wouldn’t have felt sea sick.

c. Someone has just refused to marry you.

Ans: I wish I’d proposed her in time. If I’d proposed her in time she wouldn’t have refused to marry me.

d. War has suddenly broken out, and you are stuck in you hotel room.

Ans: I wish I had left the restaurant early. If I had left the restaurant early, I wouldn’t stuck into the hotel room.

e. You are short of sleep.
Ans: I wish I slept last night. If I had slept early last night, I wouldn’t have felt sort of sleep.

5. For each of the following situations make sentences with I wish/ if only, using:

(i) would, or (ii) could, or (iii) simple past tense.

a. It is cold here.

Ans: (i) I wish they would switch on the fan. (ii) I wish I could go to the Himalaya. (iii) I wish I had an A/C in my room.

b. You are jobless.

Ans: I wish they would give me a good job. (ii) I wish I could go abroad. (iii) I wish I was rich.

c. Your bicycle has a puncture.

Ans: (i) I wish mechanic would make it. (ii) I wish I could get a lift. (iii) I wish I had a car.

d. You are staying in a rented house.

Ans: I wish they would reduce the rent. (ii) I wish I could make my house. (iii) I wish these were free houses.

e. You are ill in bed.

Ans: (i) I wish the doctor would treat me. (ii) I wish I could get soon. (iii) I wish I played out.

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