Important notes of Science | SEE | Physics Class 10

Differentiate between:

1. Gravity and acceleration due to gravity.

Acceleration due to gravity Gravity
1.       The acceleration produced on a freely falling body due to the influence of gravity is called acceleration due to gravity.

2.       Its SI unit is Newton.

3.       It is the cause for the acceleration due to gravity.

1.       Gravity is the force with which the earth or any heavenly body attracts other bodies towards its centre.

2.       Its SI unit is m/s²

3.       It is the effect of gravity.

2. Mass and weight.

Mass weight
1.       It is the total quantity of matter contained in an object.

2.       Its SI unit is kilogram.

3.       It is a scalar quantity.

1.       It is the amount of gravity by which an object is pulled by the earth or any planet towards its centre.

2.       Its SI unit is Newton.

3.       It is a vector quantity.

3. Weightlessness and freefall.

Weightlessness Freefall
1.       Weightlessness of a body experiences having no weight.

2.       A body feels weightlessness during free fall due to lack of reaction force.

1.       Falling of a body under the effect of gravity without any external resistance is called free fall.

2.       In the state of freefall, appearent weight is zero (0).

4. I and g

I g
1.       The force of gravity experienced by a unit mass placed at the point.

2.       It’s formulae is I=GM/d²

1.       It is the acceleration produced on a freely falling object towards the earth or planet.

2.       It’s formulae is g=GM/R²

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