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Summary of The Heritage of Words

All Chapters Summary of The Heritage of Words | Grade XII

NEB Students find the summary of The Heritage of Words. All chapters summary of The Heritage of Words. Complete references note for NEB students. This summary are based on all the chapters of Heritage of words book. These all summaries are helps all the NEB Grade XII students. Click the below link for view complete… Read More »

A Child is Born – Summary | The Heritage of Words

A Child is Born Germaine Greer Summary “A Child is Born” presents a comparison between the parent child relationship in the rich West and the traditional East. In traditional societies child birth is managed in different ways. All mental burden of finding out new ways. Although there is the possible danger in child birth, the… Read More »

The Children Who Wait – Summary | The Heritage of Words

The Children Who Wait Marsha Traugot Summary In “The Children Who Wait”, Marsha Traugot suggests reasons for a new trend in adoption. Now a wider variety of families can open their homes to children who in the past would have been labeled unadoptable. In setting forth the causes for this phenomenon, she draws from specific… Read More »

Women’s Business – Summary | The Heritage of Words

Women’s Business Ilene Kantrov Summary Lydia Pinkham’s kind face shone on the pages of the papers, which advertised the medicine to cure the disease of women. She combined her business with social service. She advertised not only her product but she also supported women’s rights, temperance and economic reform. She encouraged women to consult female… Read More »