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Important Questions Answer | Hotel Management | Housekeeping Department | Grade XII

Important notes of Hotel Management grade xii from chapter of Housekeeping department. Stay with us for more and latest educational updates. We will update more and important notes for you. Thank You. Click here for Download pdf file ==>> Important notes of Hotel Management grade xii from chapter of Housekeeping department Important Questions Answer | Hotel… Read More »

All Chapters Summary of The Heritage of Words | Grade XII

NEB Students find the summary of The Heritage of Words. All chapters summary of The Heritage of Words. Complete references note for NEB students. This summary are based on all the chapters of Heritage of words book. These all summaries are helps all the NEB Grade XII students. Click the below link for view complete… Read More »

Important Questions Answer of Physics || Grade XII

Nuclear Energy and Other Sources of Energy Short Questions Answer 1. What are renewable sources of energy? Ans: Those sources of energy which can be used continuously for a long time are called renewable sources of energy. Renewable sources of energy are reproduced continuously and can never be exhausted. Such renewable sources of energy are solar… Read More »

Important questions answer of Hotel Management | Grade XII (Housekeeping Department)

Chapter 2 Housekeeping Department Short Answer Questions List any 10 types of cleaning equipment and explain their uses. [5] Ans: The correct choice and quality of equipment could save costs due to breakdowns, reduces fatigue and increases efficiency. The most important equipment used by a housekeeping unit are the cleaning equipment. The cleaning equipment used… Read More »