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Important Notes of Botany – Leucoplast | HA

Leucoplast Leucoplast are colorless plastid are basically found in stroess organics which do not receive light underground stem, root and other developing cell. They are of three types. Amiloplast: They are those leucoplast which store starch. Lipoplast: They are associated with the stories lipid and sound in seeds. Proteinplast: They are the protein storing leucoplasts… Read More »

Important Notes for Botany – Golgi Complex/ Bodies – HA

Golgi Complex/ Bodies Golgi bodies are present it all the eukaryotic the cells except matured mammalian. Functional state of cell. They are present in large number inside the cell. Golgi bodies show complex structure and consists of three types of structure. i. Cisternae: They are mostly present as tubular flappable double structure having swollen ends.… Read More »

Important Notes of Botany – HA | Health Assistant

Cell organelles Mitochondria Mitochondria Mitochondria is double membranious structure the membrances are made up lipoproteins. The outer membrane it smooth were as inner membrane is the folding membrane are christen or in falings inner membrane consists are apro particles or oryids it help in oryidesen an phosphorylation during respiration process. The chamber in closed by… Read More »

What is Cell Biology – Medical | Merofuture

Cell Biology Cell: Cell is basic unit of life. Cell Theory: modern (recent) propose that or living organisms are composed of basic unit for as cell. Cells are similar in chemical composition and metabolic activities. All cells arise from the pre-existing cells. The cells are structured and functional unit of life. The growth of any… Read More »

Life Components – Botany | Merofuture

Life Components The life is existed in body of living bangs. The body is composed of cells. The cell is composed of various organic and inorganic molecules. They are called life components or life molecules or Biomolecules. The calledection of biomolecules in a cent called cellmles poal. Types of life components a.Organic molecules i. Carbohydrate… Read More »

Nature and Scope – Botany | Merofuture

Nature and Scope of Botany Different between plants and animals Plants Animal Growth: They show unlimited growth (growth till death) Growth is stopped before death (limited growth) Body: Teighly branch Compact body Feeding: They prepare them own food (Antotrophic) Cannot preprare food (Heterotrophic) Loco notoin: Plants show loco notion of some plants. Move with whole… Read More »